Trust Kenneally Crash Repairs for all your alloy wheels repair requirements.

Alloy Wheels Repair

Kenneally Crash Repairs offer clients in Tipperary with a smart alloy wheels repair solution that eliminates the need to purchase costly new alloy wheels.

Removing alloy wheels from the vehicle and treating them to a professional spray finish will remove any scrapes and leave them looking good as new.

Kenneally Crash Repairs also offer a diamond cut alloy repair service. Using in-house specialist equipment, our expert team of mechanics will restore your diamond cut alloys to their original manufacturer condition.

We refurbish diamond cut alloys.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

Inspection: Removing the tyres, weights and valves is the first step. Inspecting wheels for buckles, corrosion, cracks and kerb damage will indicate whether any additional remedial work is needed. Customers will be advised before any work commences.

Stripping the wheel: The chemical stripping of wheels will remove old paint and lacquer and any other unwanted contaminates. Where necessary, buckle repair, sandblasting and welding will be conducted to remove corrosion at this stage of the process.

Prime and paint: Our team prepare your wheels for painting before applying a powder coat primer. The wheels are transferred to an oven and baked at 180 degrees for 18 minutes. Wheels are then left to cool to 100 degrees approximately after being removed from the oven. Customers have the option to choose an alternative colour in the spraying process or to stick with the base colour as specified by the manufacturer. A high gloss lacquer is then sprayed on immediately after to seal the wheel before returning to the oven for another bake.

Diamond cutting: Wheels requiring a diamond cut finish are mounted to our lathe machine and skimmed to precision which also removes any marking that may be on the bare metal. Lacquer is then applied to seal the diamond cut finish before returning to the oven for its final bake.

Quality control:
Inspecting each wheel to ensure the finish is as close to the original factory finish is the final step taken by our senior mechanics. The alloy refurbishment process is then completed following the refitting and balancing of tyres together with new weights and valves.

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